Institutes in Aswan


Arab Academy For Science, Technology And Maritime Transport - Aswan

: Institutes

: طريق السادات جنوب الوادى مبنى دار الضيافه - اسوان - مصر

Higher İnstitute Of Social Service - Aswan

: Institutes

: كسر الحجر بجوار برج الأسيوطى ، أسوان.

    There are 3 institutes in Aswan. Those institutes are distributed on 2 areas. The highest number of institutes are in Aswan. There are 2 institutes in Aswan. Whereas the lowest number of institutes are in Downtown. There are only 1 institutes in Downtown. Institutes in Aswan are categorizing their selves under 1 keywords. The most frequently used keyword is Social Work. 1 institute categorized itself under Social Work.